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Carol's Daughter Invites Women to Define Themselves with Their #BORNandMADE Campaign

7:09 PM

Teaming up with I Am That Girl, Carol's Daughter latest venture invites us all to define ourselves and showcase our best selfies.  #BORNandMADE is a striking campaign and super easy to get in on.  Simply fill in the four blanks and the dedicated site adds a funky filter to a snapshot of your choice.  After, don't forget to follow the hashtag and join the community of other fearless, beautiful women.  Online personalities such as fashion blogger Nadia Aboulhosn and Youtuber Whitney of Naptural85 have already jumped on board.

I love this campaign because the simple act of requiring you to fill the blanks allows you to showcase what you're made of and/or what's important to you.  Rather than labeling yourself with rigid descriptions that one simply is or isn't, think #flawless, #BORNandMADE makes it just as trendy to declare what you are in your own words.  Visit the site here to create your own!

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