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Workout Chic: Jawbone x OPI

6:19 PM

Fitness tracking just got that much more fashionable with the latest team up of Jawbone and OPI.  The well known activity tracking band Jawbone UP has recently released sleeker, more stylish designs.  Options include luxe metallics, quilted motifs and pearl-like designs.  The thinner, eye catching designs look amazing on their own but also pair beautifully with bracelets you already own, meaning you can stack up to the gods.  Can we say #armparty?

On top of all that, OPI has created matching nail looks for each Jawbone UP design.  The stunning designs are named using the OPI wit we know and love such as "Today I Quilt" and "UPgrade".

Check out the chart above and OPI's blog for details on the shades plus stop by the Jawbone site to compare and price options.

Originally spied at psfk.com.

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