Dorothy Perkins Debuts Exclusive Plus Line with DP Curve

7:13 PM

It's another win this month for curvy girls as Dorothy Perkins debuts it's exclusive plus size line, DP Curve.  I've been a huge fan of Dorthy Perkins for years because it's one of the few straight size lines that goes up to 16/18 and they have great, high quality clothes at a reasonable price.  Trust me when I say these are not the type of clothes that fall apart after one wash.

However, the "filter by size" option always left a bit to be desired.  I never felt like it was showing me all of the available options.   And if it was showing me every thing, there wasn't much to choose from.  Needless to say I was ecstatic to hear about DP Curve.  Dorthy Perkins is amazing at offering wardrobe staples that will take you from the office to the weekend and back.  And now the classic silhouettes and super flattering looks are available is size 18-28.  The first delivery was a little underwhelming; I felt like the majority of the piece leaned on the mature side. Even still I was able to pick out a few faves.  Check them out below and then click over to Dorothy Perkins to shop.  

Grey and White 2 in 1 Longsleeve Top DP Dorothy Perkins Curve

Black Mesh Yoke Jumpsuit DP Dorothy Perkins Curve

Navy Pleated and Lace DP Dorothy Perkins Curve

Wine Pussybow Top DP Dorothy Perkins Curve

Click here to shop DP Curve!

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