Ashley Graham Schools Us On the Perfect Fit

7:11 PM

Update: There is officially a part II! View the second video here.

Alright ladies, let's play a little word association.  What comes to mind when you hear the words "fitting room"?

If your answer was more of a series of hisses and moans rather than real words, you're not alone.  Luckily, plus size goddess Ashley Graham has teamed up with Vogue and gave us five quick tips to finding your perfect jeans.

While there were some obvious choices (pick a pair with stretch) the brunette bombshell also dropped some gems like opting for a pair with larger pockets.

Hop on over to Vogue now for the full video.  And if I may add one more tip: if the fitting room has chair, take a seat! Nothing looks (or feels) the same when you're sitting down versus standing up.

Click here to view the video!

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