Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant

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If following Christian Siriano's career has taught me one thing, it's the power of diversifying.  From shoes and accessories, to couture, to bridal and now plus, he certainly his hand in many (fabulous) pots and looks fierce doing it.

His latest addition, Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant, is a solid, if not small, collection of pieces with uber flattering fits.  While none really broke the mold of what we're used to seeing in plus, they all struck me as pieces a curvy girl could feel comfortable and confidently glam in.  Basically, you can pick any item blindly and not go wrong.  A characteristic that is much needed for a mainstream retailer like Lane Bryant.

While the tea-length and longer hemlines lean towards mature clientele, the vibrant neon colors call for a girl who has no problem standing out.  More into neutrals?  The collection also offers chic black and white options such as this floor length stunner and this fun high waisted circle skirt.

All in all the sweetly feminine silhouettes scream first date or fancy brunch material.  Or how about both at the same damn time?  Enough mimosas and I'm sure there will be a second date too.

Check out some of my faves below and then view the full collection (and the fashion show!) here.

Portrait Neck Mesh Dress Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant

Houndstooth Jacquard Dress Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant

Shirtdress Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant

Heels Sketch Tee Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant

View full collection here!

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