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Reformation Launches Plus Size Collection: The Best Looks and Thoughts on Spokesmodel Ali Tate

11:24 PM

Every time a new plus size clothing line is announced, and angel gets their wings.  Well, not quite but it definitely feels like a special event.

One of the chicest voices in sustainable fashion, Reformation, has recently released a capsule in extended sizes and not a moment too soon.  Boldly pronouncing "sorry we took so long" on their homepage, the capsule offers sizing up to 22 in their signature effortless, yet fashion forward, style.

The deets:
17 styles currently available online
Sizes ranges: 0-22, XS-3XL
Aesthetic: Breezy daywear
Price range: $48 (bodysuit) - $248 (jacket)
In collaboration with: Curve model Ali Tate

The tea:
Despite being a working model in the plus size industry, co-designer and spokesmodel Ali Tate has made some questionable comments regarding weight in the past:

Despite trying to distance herself from fat shamers who make hateful comments under the guise of faux concern, Tate still effectively others people who are considered obese based on the thought that it is environmentally harmful.  So still, a cop out.

This is problematic in so many ways.  Firstly, it is well known that the traditional method of determining whether someone is obese is outdated and inaccurate; it is possible to not appear "fat" but still be considered obese.  Does she consider them to be harming the environment as well?  Doubtful.

Secondly, it's disingenuous to claim that your disdain for obese people is due to their alleged stress the put on the environment if your own footprint is not much smaller.  Unless you're living a zero waste, completely sustainable lifestyle (which would be impossible for Tate as she must travel for work at the very least) a comment like the above is still just hate disguised as misguided concern.  Those who live in glass houses...

This apparent disconnect brings up a discussion the industry honestly isn't ready to have: most working curve models do not truly consider themselves plus sized, the same market that includes those that are obese.  In the fashion world, really anyone over sample size cannot be considered "straight" sized.  So models that exceed the very stringent requirements for straight size work are pushed into plus by default, despite sometimes being many sizes smaller than the average American woman.

Until there is more representation across the whole spectrum of sizing, I would not be surprised if more curve models are exposed for not identifying with the plus community.  As for this collection, I'm going to take a hard pass and hope that Reformation picks another model for the next capsule.  After doing some harder internet digging of course.

See more at Reformation.com

Thanks to Revelist for putting us on and of course, images are from Reformation

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