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Extended Sizes Done Right: How Anthropologie Makes A Statement With Their New Size Range

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"If we make larger sizes will skinny people still like us??" seems to be the unspoken question when it comes to high end retailers' decision to expand sizes.  That is if they're progressive enough to even consider it.  It's no secret that when it comes to what is promoted in the media, skinny is always in so brands shy away from all things curvy and plus in order to remain "aspirational".

But with brands slowly offering more sizes just for a bit of free publicity, there are several details about the A+ launch that stand out:

1. 120 styles are available with more to come.  Usually with tiered roll outs, the initial offering is a small fraction of that.

2. All of the plus size offerings are items that already exist in straight sizes.  As is it should be; please spare us your plus size expansion if it's going to be filled with t-shirts that say "Live Laugh Love" while your straight size section is comprised of bodycons and crop tops. 

3. Sizes go up to 26 right off the bat.  This should be basic but you'd be surprised how many brands think it's noteworthy to announce that they just added an XL. 

Most importantly it represents what we most desperately need: options in different styles and price points. Not every plus sized gal is teenage mall rat or a super trend forward 20something with an affliction for two piece sets. We need expensive clothes, cheap clothes, edgy clothes, modest clothes and everything in between.  What we don't need is a brand who had no interest in servicing us anyway, telling us that larger sizes "just don't sell".  Ahem, maybe yours didn't or wouldn't sell because their ugly?

Any way, shout out to Anthropologie on this much needed launch!  Keep scrolling for our top picks available now and click through to shop!

Have you purchased anything from the extended size range?  Tell us about the fit in the comments below!



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