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Lizzo x Playboy

6:00 AM

Lizzo is a vintage dream in this spread for Playboy.  Donned in furs, dressed in lace and dripping with diamonds, the diva of the moment was photographed by Adrienne Raquel.  Scroll for the stunning images and click through for the full interview!

“It’s impossible for me to do what anybody else does. I tried and it wasn’t good”

“My individuality is a gift, but it’s my biggest creative obstacle,” Lizzo says. “I can do everything. I wanna do everything. I can rap fast, sing big, say things people never said before.” 

“When you’re in the moment, when it’s dark, it’s gonna get darker, but it’s always gonna get light. Right now, it’s dark until we snap and it’ll lead us to the light.”

"When you are yourself, you don’t realize the impact you have. Sometimes I be forgetting the impact I can have. This is one of those moments that remind me.”

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